Written in the stars.

All that is already written.
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The collection of my thoughts.

1. "Remember me always. Because I'll be famous someday." - Emmy's quote when she was 13 years old. ;)

2. Is always happy until she's unhappy. And she promised herself to be always happy!

3. Unfalteringly believes that kindness begets kindness.
In simpler terms - for life, she simply aims to be an overall pleasant and likable person. In complex definition, she wants to stay untainted by the impurities of human natures.

4. An eye for an eye - a strict no. Kindness begets kindness - a definite yes.

5. You are disappointed when someone doesn't notice something you've done special, but how many times do you make a special effort to mention someone else's accomplishments?

6. Indifference begets indifference. Love begets love. Kindness begets kindness. Maybe not literally, but yes it will come in other manners for sure.

7. Life is about dreaming. Anything that you dare to dream of, dare to visual of, you will get it eventually.

8. And... she simply loves herself for who she is.

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